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Set in the heart of the historical “strada del prosecco” and nestling
among the lush green hills of conegliano and valdobbiadene, conca d’oro
has been making wine for generations. the winery, which stands
in its own vineyards, undertakes every stage of production with great
passion, from tending the vines to harvesting the grapes, making the
wine, bottling and distribution, respecting the wine-making traditions
of the area.


Conegliano Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G.

This is a superb example of prosecco superiore.
The grapes grow on the beautiful hills of Conegliano and
Valdobbiadene, a unique and remarkable place. The particular
composition of the soil, the lie of the land and the rolling hills and
valleys which are blessed with a favourable climate influenced by the
mountains and the sea, all contribute to making an intensely aromatic
Prosecco with a distinctive and elegant flavour.


d’o conca d’oro, a stunning d.o.c. wine.
a pleasant blend of flowery bouquets and essences,
a perfect symbiosis of tradition, terroir and modernity.


Our sparkling prosecco is a mildly effervescent and sophisticated wine
which immediately pleases. It owes its fresh fruity notes to the careful
selection of the best grapes from our vineyards between conegliano
and valdobbiadene and pure-yeast fermentation at low temperature.



just walking through our vineyards, smelling the scent of flowering and watching a
breathtaking sunset you perceive the uniqueness and magic of this area a real paradise.
This walk in the vineyard is compulsory for all our customers friends who come to visit
us, because it is the true secret that is contained in our every bottle. each vineyard has
a ‘soul, a breath and a name: “storta” vineyard, “granda” vineyard, “dura” vineyard, “tamai”
vineyard and many more ….
All of these combine to give those intense and unique emotions that you feel tasting
our prosecco.
Almost all of the grapes come from our properties vineyards that we work with that
differ in age and exposure.
Please come to visit us on our web site where you will find
a large photo report with detailed explanations.
We look forward to seeing you!

For more info:

Fattoria Conca D’oro

Via Dei Colli 55/A

31015 Conegliano (TV) Italy

Phone +39 0438 450477
Fax +39 0438 655898




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